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Asana for Real Estate Business to Grow Faster

How to Use Asana for Real Estate Business to Grow with Its Detail-Oriented Features

Work management software Asana for real estate business can help you keep track of all the moving parts in your busy real estate business and hold your employees accountable for getting things done. It can also serve as a repository for information and workflow records about properties, tenants, sales, and leads.

If you are new to a work management platform like Asana, the best way to use it properly without being overwhelmed by its variety of tools is to first understand your company structures. Why? Because it’s easier to identify which Asana features you will need to manage your projects and the whole process of your real-estate business.

So, if you:

  • Want to manage properties
  • Want to manage people
  • Want a task checklist
  • Streamline Work Progress
  • Avoid Repetitive Tasks

This post is written specifically for you, so keep reading!

To learn more about the Asana project management tool and how it can help your real estate company get everything done, please get in touch with us for an orientation.

Let’s examine the specific ways Asana might benefit your property management company.

The features of Asana that could be useful to your real estate company are as follows:

Transaction Coordination using Asana for real estate with its project feature

Real-estate companies can use Asana for transaction coordination. How? Well, you can add your clients as a project. You can create a project and add them so they can view the process and progress easily.

For example, you want to use Asana for transaction coordination. You just need to create a project for a specific client and create a list of tasks or a list of transactions. See the image below.

Real estate transaction coordination

With the task you created, you can: add the assignee, due date, and task description, upload video tutorial/instruction, @-mention (people, project, and tasks), and give updates or ask questions using the comment box section. This will make your team work with no delay.

Another great feature you can use here is the subtasks.

real estate Asana subtasks

You can use subtask by clicking the + add subtask button below the description box of your regular task. Subtasks are a useful way to divide up larger tasks and assign them to team members. Within a parent task, a subtask can be found to perform the same actions as if it were a standalone task and has the same fields where you can set a due date and assign others.

Easily track everything with the Project Custom Field

real estate Project field

Creating a project in Asana allows you to create tasks and divide them into sections to generate an orderly list of work. It serves as a checklist of tasks that must be completed by a certain time and date. Look at the image above; you can see that I have created a project called “Buyer Contract to Closing,” which has two sections with tasks on it.

Add custom fields for deatils

The fact that you can build custom fields is a plus. If you’re unfamiliar, a custom field is extra data you may add to tasks in your Asana projects. This gives individuals a clear picture of what is going on in their workplace. You can assign tasks to a specific person, set a due date, add a priority level, and more.

Add priority level

Custom fields you can add:

  • Tags
  • Estimated Time
  • Actual Time
  • Dependencies
  • Amount/Cost

Tracking your transactions is the most important thing to do in your real-estate business to determine how profitable it is quickly. Unfortunately, many business owners have difficulty determining whether their company is profitable because they fail to keep thorough financial records. We hate that, right? That’s why we encourage you to use Asana for your transaction management.  With Asana, you can instantly and accurately track the amount or cost by creating a custom field.

See everyone’s schedules with Asana Calendar

Asana calendar differs from a typical desktop or mobile phone app. It syncs to your google calendar so you can have an instant and clearer view of what you must do for a specific day. You can view in your Google calendar whether you have a meeting to attend or a task to do.

The Asana calendar is useful if you have created a business plan or a marketing plan for a whole year so you can see everything, and all you have to do is assign tasks to your team.

Other things you can do:

Calendar filtering

You can filter a project’s calendar based on any custom field, making it easy to see what’s most important, what kind of task is due next, and what needs approval.

For example, if you want to view the task in your calendar based on its priority level (low, medium, high) so you can do a task that is more priority today, you can use calendar filtering.

Asana sync calendar

Create Tasks in the Calendar

A new task will be created when you double-click the date you want a task to be completed. You can add details to the task you created by clicking the task.

Move Tasks

If you have too many tasks due on a certain day, you can easily shift them to another day by dragging and dropping them.

Asana moves tasks calendar

Have real-time conversations with your team or clients

Asana collaborative tool

I have already mentioned that Asana enables organizations to communicate with their team members using the comment section in the task details pane. However, this tool offers a variety of methods to connect with your team, including Project Conversation, which allows your team to discuss the progress of a project to maintain momentum. You can create a location for all team chats and announcements in Team Conversation, and you may send a private message to your project and teams in Messaging. Like the Task Comment, you can @-mention specific projects, tasks, messages, and comments in messaging.

View and monitor progress from every aspect using Universal Reporting

Asana gives you real-time visibility into your team’s work status and all the necessary tools to take corrective action.

The Asana reporting feature includes a Dashboard from which you can gather insights from data that can be used to maintain productivity. With just a few clicks, you can get all the data you need, and because it’s easily shareable, you can make sure everyone is on the same page.

Asana reporting dashboard

Charts and Graphs

Asana charts and graph reporting

You can use charts and graphs in your reporting to have a clearer data view. Visualization tools like charts and graphs help teams identify and overcome obstacles to their work. By selecting a specific data point, you may examine it in further detail. If a problem has been identified, corrective measures can be taken swiftly to prevent any slip-ups.

Do you wish to learn more about Asana and how it may benefit your real estate company? If you have any inquiries about Asana or are interested in signing up for the service, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you in every step of the process.

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