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Asana: DLP with Nightfall

Prevent data leaks with Nightfall and Asana integration

Does your company need to protect its confidential information? Or you’re searching for a platform that will assist your company in meeting all compliance requirements. Don’t worry; Asana will never let you down. This may also be the most compelling reason for upgrading to the Enterprise tier.

Nightfall and Asana can now work together, as you may have read in our November newsletter. This is one of the significant platform updates to protect sensitive data and keep it from leaking. If you were busy when the newsletter was sent out, don’t worry; we’ve got your back, and the information in this article will benefit you in your role as an administrator.

What is Nightfall?

Nightfall DLP is a data loss prevention platform that employs machine learning to discover sensitive data, like personally identifiable information about customers, throughout your SaaS, APIs, and data infrastructure, enabling organizations to manage and secure it. Whether it’s for HIPAA or another worldwide data protection regulation, organizations can rest assured that Nightfall will help them stay in compliance.

This solution will significantly benefit everyone in the financial, healthcare, and tech industries.

What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?

The term “data loss prevention” (DLP) describes a set of services and tools that aim to avoid data leaks, especially those involving sensitive information.

There are several possible causes of data loss or disclosure. Here are several examples:

  • Insider threat
  • Insider error
  • Data leakage or unauthorized access due to improperly configured privacy, access, or security settings.

Nightfall can support teams with data policy enforcement by monitoring cloud services and silos and monitoring cloud services and silos. The product that Nightfall makes for Asana comes in two forms:

  • Free risk assessment, point-in-time historical scan for all files and data on Asana
  • Ongoing DLP Scans and Automated Removal, ongoing scheduled scans of Asana, and automated removal of sensitive data

Nightfall use cases:

  • Content Moderation
  • Ensure HIPAA Compliance
  • Prevent Insider Threat
  • Protect Credentials & Secrets
  • Reduce Data Exfiltration Risks
  • Secure PII

Here are the benefits of Nightfall and Asana integration:

  • It gives a high-level overview of violations across all connected cloud applications, making it possible to identify what kinds of sensitive data have been discovered over time.
  • Personal information, health information, payment card information, intellectual property, trade secrets, product road maps, passwords, and more can all be scanned automatically.
  • To ensure that no sensitive information slips through the cracks, machine learning can automatically categorize your data without requiring prior tuning or tagging.
  • Scanning over a hundred different file kinds, such as photos and unstructured data, is simple with the help of easily configured and managed data protection policies.

Here’s how Nightfall’s customer setup works:

  1. To discuss what sensitive Asana data you’d like scanned by Nightfall, visit their website, and schedule a setup call.
  2. Share your Workspace ID with Nightfall.
  3. Once the scan is complete, Nightfall provides the client with a report detailing the location of all sensitive data found during the process.
  4. The Nightfall will automate removing any sensitive data identified on your Asana.

Visit Nightfall to get started with the Asana integration, or if you have any questions, feedback, or need assistance, please visit the Nightfall help page, or contact [email protected].

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