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Asana December Update 2023: Comprehensive Guide


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on the Asana December Update 2023! In this article, we’ll dive into the latest features and improvements Asana has rolled out to enhance your project management experience. There’s something for everyone, from new actions in rules to multi-filtering on My Task. So, let’s start and explore the exciting updates!

  • Bundles in Project Templates


One of the highlights of the Asana December Update 2023 is the introduction of bundles in project templates. With this new feature, you can now add a bundle directly to a project template, ensuring that every project created from that template includes the workflow features in the bundle. This streamlines your project setup process and saves time by automating and incorporating the necessary elements into your projects.

  • Multi-Filtering My Task

Navigating Asana Multi-Filtering in My Task in the December 2023 updates.

Managing your task effectively is crucial for productivity, and Asana’s updates this month bring powerful enhancements to help you achieve just that. With multi-filtering on My Tasks, you can now filter your tasks across any custom fields in list view, board view, and calendar view. This versatile feature allows you to organize and prioritize your tasks based on specific criteria, giving you a more precise workload overview.

  • Conditions and Branching in Rules

Introduction of new rule this December update of Asana.

Automation is a key aspect of project management, and the Asana December Update 2023 introduces conditions and branching in rules to take your automation capabilities to the next level. Now, you can add an “if statement to your rules, enabling you to automate workflows more efficiently. With this feature, you can create dynamic rules that adapt to different conditions, enhancing the efficiency and flexibility of your project management process.

  • Automatically Set Task Title and Description with Rules

Asana new rules to automate setting title and description with this update.

Rules in Asana have become even more powerful, with the ability to automatically set task titles and descriptions. This new addition allows you to create rules that automatically populate the information in tasks, saving time and ensuring consistency in your project documentation. Setting up rules to handle repetitive tasks allows you to focus on more strategic aspects of your projects.

  • Portfolio Charts

Updated portfolio chart in reports in Asana.

Asana introduces portfolio charts for those managing multiple projects and portfolios to provide a comprehensive visual representation of goals, projects, and tasks. With these charts, you can gain valuable insights into the progress and performance of your portfolios, make informed decisions, and effectively communicate the status of your projects to stakeholders.

To enhance your data visualization experience, the Asana December Update 2023 brings the ability to expand charts in the project dashboard. Now, you can view your data in a larger format, allowing for better analysis and understanding of the information presented. Whether you’re tracking project milestones or monitoring team performance, the full-size charts provide a more detailed view of your project data.

  • Comment Only Access in Gantt View

Collaboration is at the heart of Asana, and this month, it introduces comment-only access in Gantt view. This feature allows project members to view and comment on Gantt charts without the ability to edit them. It’s a valuable addition for stakeholders and team members who must provide feedback or stay informed about project progress without making direct changes.

  • Azure AD SCIM Integration Update

Asana understands the importance of seamless integration with other tools in your tech stack. In the December update 2023, the platform enhanced its Azure AD SCIM integration by syncing enhanced user profile attributes such as location, manager, cost center, and more from Azure AD. This integration update ensures that your user profile in Asana is always up to date and aligned with the information in your Azure AD system.

  • Asana Forum: Stay Connected and Informed

Apart from the exciting features and updates, Asana also provides a platform for its users to connect, share insights, and stay informed. The Asana Forum is a vibrant community where users can ask questions, share Asana best practices, and find the latest news and announcements. It’s a valuable resource for staying updated with the Asana ecosystem and learning from other users’ experiences.


The Asana December update brings exciting features and improvements to enhance your project management experience. From bundles in project templates to multi-filtering on My Tasks, conditions and branching in rules to comment-only access in Gantt view, Asana continues to evolve and provide a robust platform for managing your projects efficiently. Check out our Asana rules and automation guide to optimize your workflow and supercharge your productivity.

Explore and leverage these new features to streamline workflows, collaborate effectively, and achieve project goals. Stay connected with the Asana Forum to keep up with the latest news.

If you missed the Asana November update, explore our resources and review the previous updates to stay informed about every Asana update.

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