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Asana Custom Icon: Your Projects, Your Icons!

Hey there, fellow Asana lover! Are you the type of person who loves creativity and uniqueness? Have you ever thought of personalizing your project icon? If yes, this is good news for you! Asana adds a custom icon option in the project to add creativity and personality to your project management journey.

Say hello to Asana’s latest feature: Custom Icons for Your Projects!

Asana believes in empowering you to work smarter and more efficiently. And now, with the newly added option, it is a step further by allowing you to tailor your project icons to match your unique style, spirit, or team identity. Whether you’re a design-savvy maven, a color enthusiast, or a team eager to flaunt your brand’s flair, this feature is designed to let your creativity run wild!

Asana knows your projects are like personal masterpieces; just like any artist, you should be free to express yourself fully. With the platform’s array of customizable icons, you can now imbue each project with a distinct touch that resonates with its goals, theme, or even your mood! Let your projects speak volumes through visuals that perfectly encapsulate their essence.

To Personalize Project Icon:


  1. Click the drop-down menu.
  2. Select Set color & icon.
  3. Click the custom icon option beside the icon library.
  4. Click the “Upload Image and choose your personalized icon.

Note: You can only upload under 5MG JPEG or choose square PNG.

  1. After uploading an image, a dialog will appear showing the preview of your icon. Then, click the “Apply for Everyone” button.

Are you ready to take the plunge? This exciting new feature awaits you to explore and make your projects unique. Let’s embark on a journey of creativity where each click brings you closer to project management perfection. Set your imagination free, showcase your team’s identity, and witness your productivity reach new heights!

Join the customization revolution with Asana’s Custom Icons! Happy project managing, everyone!

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