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ASANA: August Update


Asana, as a robust and flexible work management platform with a wide variety of great features, continues to forge a high level of options and enhance its system for every user to have a smooth work experience on their web, desktop, and mobile apps. Asana released its latest update on August 5, 2022 ,with some powerful enhancements.

Here are some new updates that you and your team will surely like:

  • Weekly Focus

What’s good about this? Well, this new added option for the mobile application of Asana can be viewed once you open your ‘My Task.’ This was designed to help you focus on the most important work at hand and complete it within a week. You can jot down the work you need to focus on with just one click, which helps you stay on track. You’re already making use of several features that assist your team productivity; this is just another tool to help you maintain that success.

Improve Google Drive Integration

Still need some more collaborative Asana features? Here’s the good news: Asana improves Google Drive integration that will help your conversation about work all in one place. Sounds great, right? It will let everyone in your team have a real-team work collaboration. Not just that, when someone comments in the attached Google file, you can now receive notifications. It prevents open feedback, action, or work from being overlooked. As a result, there is an uptick in creativity, productivity, accomplishment, and teamwork!

Connect Work Link

Your team will be able to work more efficiently now that Connect Work Link has been added for this update. It does what, exactly?  With this, your team will have access to relevant resources and a better understanding of the bigger picture. If you want someone to review your work or if you want them to review their task, you can mention them in Asana. This offers the same thing, but with the added benefit of allowing you to specifically mention the task, status update, message, and goal you want to accomplish rather than just the person. If you type @mentioned a task, it will appear on the activity feed immediately. By communicating in this way, talking to one another is less of a hassle than ever before.

Task converted to Project


Asana enables users to convert tasks to projects with this new update. You can check this out by clicking the three-dot icon in the task details pane. Choosing which teams you’d like to include in the project’s scope is simple, and you can opt to use premade templates or just select the blank project before pressing the “convert” button.

Asana’s new updates for mobile are handy for all users because they ensure that you’ll never forget to get work done on a task that has a start and due time by sending you a reminder via real-time notification.

Finally, each portfolio can have a maximum of 500 projects, so adding more projects in one portfolio while experiencing a high-level overview of the projects you care about is both possible in Asana.

Asana, as one of the many modern work management applications, is committed to providing its users with a stress-free work experience regardless of where they are located. Nothing is ever too much trouble for Asana, and everything always runs flawlessly.

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