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Asana: August Update 2023


Hey Asana users! Prepare yourself to take your productivity journey to the next level with the latest August 2023 update. This update includes new features and enhancements that streamline your workflow and enable collaboration to help your projects thrive. It’s like a refreshing breeze on a sunny day. Get ready to put on your virtual hat because we’ll show you the latest tools to make your task management experience smoother and more intuitive.

Updates to universal workload

Imagine having a magical lens that lets you peek into the heartbeat of your team’s productivity—well, that’s Asana’s universal workload for you! Universal Workload provides you with a comprehensive overview of your team’s productivity. With this month’s update, Asana enables you to view the number of a subtask to a specific task in Universal Workload.

Editor access level in projects

Introducing the new access level in projects: Editor. Now, your team members can contribute and collaborate more seamlessly than ever before. With Editor permissions, your team members can comfortably add tasks, refine task details, and keep things moving smoothly—without worrying about unintentional structural changes. This means that while Editors can add tasks and update their details, they won’t have the power to accidentally delete or make a project public. The beauty of this update lies in the balance it brings project admins to retain control over the project’s structure while fostering an environment of collaborative productivity.

View-level saving in projects

As individuals working on projects, we strive to meet deadlines. However, a major obstacle is the lack of clarity regarding our team’s activities and ensuring they access necessary resources. That’s precisely why Asana introduced saved views for projects—a game-changer in simplifying how you and your team navigate tasks. Imagine having up to 12 tabs per project, each tailored with lists, boards, calendars, or timelines. With the power to customize filters and sorts, you can craft your dream workspace and save it as a tab.

Task or all subtasks completion status in rules

Now a new rule is available to make your life easier. Task or all subtasks completion status change to complete or incomplete. Instead of manually marking the parent task as complete once all the subtasks are complete, with this new rule, the parent task will be automatically marked as complete once all the subtasks are completed, and you can also add a trigger if you want the completed task to move to completed tasks section. Check the guide below.

Dynamic values: Variable assignee in rules

If you have a lot on your plate and don’t have time to check your team members and remind them about their overdue tasks, and you want them to be automatically notified, this rule will surely help you out. For example, you can set a rule that once the task is overdue, the assignee will receive a comment on the overdue tasks, and to give clear instructions, you can add variables such as Task assignee, Task creator, Due Date, and Custom Fields.

@mention in basic search

Easily search collaborators or projects by @-mentioning in the basic search bar.

Custom project Icons

You will love the new feature that allows you to add a personal touch to your projects with custom icons! It’s a game-changer for you, whether you want to make your project stand out or make it easier to find in a sea of projects. Trust me; a custom project icon is a secret key for adding that extra flair and identity to your projects.

Improvements to admin app management

Are you a super admin? Well, Asana added some improvements to admin app management that enable you to include message when the app blocked feature is turned on.

Enhancements to Asana and Okta SCIM integration

Exciting news in the world of Asana and Okta integration! They’ve just rolled out some super cool enhancements. IT admins can sync user profiles seamlessly between Okta and Asana, including nifty details like location, manager info, and cost center.

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