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Create Reality with Make Visual Platform (Formerly Integromat)

Looking for a digital workspace to help you actualize your ideas? Perhaps you’d want a software solution that allows you to design, build, and automate workflows; this software solution is just what you need.

First, let’s discover what Make is.

What is Make (formerly Integromat)?

Make is the leading visual platform that enables individuals, groups, and organizations across all sectors to build innovative, industry-specific solutions that accelerate company growth.

In addition, Make (formerly Integromat) is a visual platform that allows you to create, build, and automate your workflows; anything from single-step processes to elaborate workflows quickly and easily. It will also enable you to improve productivity and close more transactions by sharing data across thousands of applications. Not only is it quick and easy to use, but it also looks good and doesn’t require you to know how to code. Integrating Integromat with Asana is very easy to make your workflow automated.

A Czech company developed the platform to facilitate the creation, building, and automation of work for all users. Users find the platform adaptable enough to manage many tasks, indicating that its possibilities extend beyond simple automation and integration. Make’s function more like a visual language, democratizing development, making processes concrete, and fostering team involvement regardless of technical expertise.

Moreover, Make ensure that all users, from code experts to complete novices, can utilize the platform without having to learn or write any code. They consider the professionals who use their platform to be more than regular users; they are “makers” who actively engage in the image creativities of expressing their ideas.

Make’s visual platform lets you design anything you can think of, from a simple workflow to an entire business process. This makes it perfect for entrepreneurs who want to build tech-first businesses, startups that want to save time and money through automation, and even global enterprises that want to manage their cloud applications and workflows from a single platform.

No worries if you need to coordinate tasks across teams or communicate information. Make allows you to break down organizational barriers by facilitating collaboration across departments, such as HR, IT, finance, and marketing. This is accomplished through shared workspaces and the strategic allocation of roles and projects.

Make now backs more than half a million makers in 198 countries. How did the platforms empower them? As I mentioned, they make it possible for them to improve their processes through automation and new ideas continuously.

How does Make (formerly Integromat) works?

Make (formerly Integromat) is a software application that provides an integration platform as a service or iPaaS. The platform’s visual interface makes it simple and code-free to map the interconnections between different programs.

APIs are what make the system tick. For those unfamiliar, APIs are simply the means through which various pieces of software and tools may interact with one another and share information and data. Make, however, has abstracted these APIs and translated them into a user-friendly interface with the help of “modules,” which are miniature icons that stand in for various programs and processes in the workflow.

By creating your scenario in Make, you’ll need to start adding your starting module or application, choose a trigger, and configure it. Next, add an additional module (apps, devices, or services). It depends on what application you will be adding, and like your starting module, you need to configure it too. Lastly, set up a schedule, save your scenario, and run it. For example, automate sending emails to clients or teams; create email drafts; and move, copy, or delete emails. Or you could save Telegram messages to a Google Sheet, share Facebook posts to Discord, or add data to a Google Sheet received from a Webhook.

Make (formerly Integromat) offers you the following advantages:

Make (formerly Integromat) is an innovative automation platform that offers a wide range of advantages for both businesses and individuals.

  • Drag and drop interface

The user can choose a trigger to begin building simple and complex solutions with decision-based logic by connecting apps and tools in a unique drag-and-drop interface. Create workflows with Make by connecting apps with a few mouse clicks using the interactive drag-and-drop builder; you can create scenarios as well.

  • Free Template Gallery

A scenario template is a ready-to-use, pre-built scenario that has already been set up to carry out a particular operation. Instead of spending hours piecing together the scenario from scratch, you can get up and running with it in minutes.

  • Make Guide

Are you a new user? No problem. If you are a first-time user of the platform, the pop-up guide will walk you through trying out a sample scenario. Quick Support and App Tutorials are also available to ensure that you stay aware of the situation.

  • Create limitless processes

Do you need to integrate more programs and resources? Make allows you to create scenarios with as many phases and applications as you need.

  • Real-time data visualization

Build your scenario and then see it play out in real time. You can set up a repeating scenario to run automatically or at a predetermined time.

  • There are thousands of apps available.

Make’s HTTP app gives you access to thousands of ready-made apps and allows you to integrate with any public API.

  • You can take advantage of the Make no-code toolkit.

Controlling every component of your process execution and data formatting is possible with a wide range of tools that provide limitless options.

  • Accelerate deployment

A single click brings your scenarios to reality. There is no requirement for server installation or maintenance.

  • Simplify your teamwork efforts

Build scenario-specific permissions and work together with your team and clients as if you were all in the same room.

Make (formerly Integromat) Monthly Plans.

You can choose from five different pricing editions of Make (formerly Integromat): the Free, Core, Pro, Teams, and Enterprise. The features available in each pricing edition are also shown below.

Free  Design, build, and automate with a visual drag-and-drop interface. Sign up Make for free.

Core – For creatives and solopreneurs just getting started

Pro – For SMBs, startups, and automation pros who want to scale quickly

Teams – For teams and agencies to collaborate and manage workflows.

Enterprise – For organizations seeking enterprise-grade features & support.

Automate and scale your business with the highest security and governance. Enjoy the best customer support.

No matter if you are a startup or a Fortune 500 corporation, Make (formerly Integromat) offers what you need.

Would you like to know more? Contact us, and we will gladly help you set everything up so that you may take use of all the tools it offers to boost your productivity and creativity.



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